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Large System with Microscopic Imagery for Placing BGA Microchips


In this blog, we will explore a very large 300 lb system that utilizes microscopic imagery for placing BGA microchips and other components on small and large boards. This advanced system is designed to ensure precise and accurate placement, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

The APR 5000 XL

The system currently being utilized is the APR 5000 XL. During testing, the graph indicates a steady performance. The thermocouple, which measures the temperature, is reading a good temperature in the bottom heater. At this moment, no nozzle is being used as the primary focus is on evaluating the system’s functionality. So far, the system has proven to be very stable.

Top Heater

The top heater is set on high air flow. As the process progresses, it moves to the next level, gradually increasing the temperature. The target temperature for reflow is 240 degrees, while the actual board temperature is currently around 180 degrees. The thermocouple indicates a temperature of approximately 176 degrees for the bottom heat.

Considering the current heating configuration, it seems unlikely that the reflow temperatures will be reached. To overcome this, adjustments need to be made, particularly in raising the temperature of the bottom heater to achieve the desired results.

Refining the Process

As the test progresses, efforts are being made to fine-tune the system. The solder’s optimal temperature for reflow is 225 degrees. However, the small heater on top is currently set at 240 degrees. To ensure proper functionality, adjustments need to be made to better align the temperature settings. It is important to note that a well-controlled heating process is crucial for achieving successful soldering and reliable connections.

With the current temperature readings, it is anticipated that the test will conclude at approximately 194 degrees. To meet the desired temperature range, raising the bottom heater slightly is recommended. This adjustment will contribute to reaching the target temperatures and enhancing the overall performance of the system.


The APR 5000 XL is an impressive system that incorporates microscopic imagery for placing BGA microchips and other components on small and large boards. By utilizing precise temperature control and making necessary adjustments, the system ensures efficient and reliable reflow soldering processes. Fine-tuning the heating configuration is essential to achieving optimal results.

With its stability and potential for customization, the APR 5000 XL offers manufacturers a powerful tool to streamline their manufacturing processes and improve the quality of their products. By consistently delivering accurate and reliable soldering, this advanced system contributes to the success of various industries.

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