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The PlayStation 4 Console is a heck of a system. First inception in a press release released in 2013 was a big hit in the console gaming industry. Every Sony fan was after it. and I am sure till today everyone is still seeking to get one. and that’s why here at TDR we are offering you the chance to get your own PS4 refurbished by us with 60-day warranty for the cheapest price.

Our PlayStation 4 Bundles (60-Day Warranty & FREE Shipping):

Our PlayStation’s are the cheapest priced on the internet or anywhere! How ever much you can afford we have the cheapest PS4 options for you. Lost of people as the question, how much does a PlayStation cost? Well the Brand New no bundle PlayStation 4s from Sony are at $299 with out controllers or games.

Basic Bundle PS4

In the Basic Bundled version you get the PlayStation 4 console and a power cable, so it is ready to be turned on! You are assuming you have a controller, games and a TV! It is the best use case if you have a PlayStation already that was broken beyond repair, Though you can always Request a PlayStation 4 Repair with us.

Starter Bundle PS4

In the Bundle you will get 1 controller, a power cord! and you will receive an HDMI cable… That means your HDMI ready TV will be plug and play! All you will need are a bunch of games and if you want you can go online and enjoy the PlayStation Network!

Insta-Play Bundle with Vinyl Skin

This is the ultimate instant play bundle with your friends.. It comes with power cord, HDMI cable, 2 Controllers and a vinyl Skin!! All you need is a TV and you can get your own games! This is the best Bundle out for the best price ever! Message us for more info!

Are refurbished PlayStation 4’s any good?

Well, Here is the scoop. The Refurbishing industry has been trying to perfect its craft for many years. as technology evolves the amount of energy and time it takes to preform repairs evolves. The guarantee is that you can receive an immediate replacement if not satisfied within 60  days… Since the testing process is time consuming and costly, we can rather mass test and pass the savings on to you. we do know, that 99.99% of all refurbished systems will last, for the other .01% there is a automatic replacement guarantee. And therefore, if you buy a refurbished system you will know that you saved money the right way. This is how a refurb system should be… Always comes with a warranty valid for the full period!

Refurbished PlayStation’s from TDR come with a 60 day warranty period, that If you play it for the first 60 days, it is the absolute guarantee that you have fully tested your system. and rest assured you that you have something to keep for generations. We will meet your expectations. The PS4 system that you will receive will have a holographic warranty seal. This no tamper seal should never be touched to not void your warranty.

Why do they say TDR is the Cheapest Place to buy a PlayStation 4?

Tech Device Repair has been known for ages to repair PlayStation 4 systems. Ever since the PlayStation 3 we have made it our mission to refurbish all consoles. Most consoles are repairable, those that have not made it become donor organs for others! Lucky for you we have many repairs that come into our shops, and our donor base increases daily. SO we decide to build cheap PS4’s out of them, don’t forget, some of these PS4 last for many many years as we have our TDR seal on each individual one. which also guarantees you 60 day warranty from the day of purchase! Our purchase bundle option prices are unbeatable.  Our prices are even better than black Friday sales!

How much is a PS4 at other places cost?






 $329 $299 $299 $289


 $269 $249  $249 $239
 *all prices are not updated and may vary from actual

What kind of Games can you play on a PlayStation console?

FIFA 2018, NBA 2018, Fortnite, Minecraft, If you choose the Games bundle please choose PS4 games from our store selection.

Can you download apps on a PS4?

Yes, there are so many apps out there for the PS4 console, many users use Facebook and Netflix. But you can always get some of the latest apps in the PSN Store.

The technology behind the PS4(specs):

It includes an HDMI port for maximum 1080i resolution

Digital sound out for the best possible sound quality.

Social features, like streaming, share play and media sharing.

It is unfortunately not backwards compatible.

Wi-Fi Network access, for playing in any room in your house

Ethernet port, for those who demand fast speeds.

PlayStation VR hookup for Virtual Reality Gaming.


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