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When it comes to gaming Consoles, No one does it better than Microsoft. They introduced the hardiest gaming platform, the Xbox One in 2013. The Xbox One system has evolved and has had minor and major upgrades, but for the most part, the Xbox One system has stayed the same. It is literally a very powerful Gaming Computer! It is advanced and can get very connected to a Microsoft network, where you can stream and play movies and music from your PC or Xbox! This gaming system is compatible with 720p, and 1080i TVs. It can be bundled with Kinnect, or other games and controllers. Here at TDR we have repaired many Xbox One systems and we can let you enjoy those systems at an affordable price!

Our Xbox One Bundles:

The Xbox systems can be bought bundled or un-bundled, You can choose from various games in our store , and 1 or extra controllers. Or in case you have a broken Xbox one and you want a quick replacement you can always buy a bare-bone naked Xbox One system without a power brick for even a cheaper price!  You can add the bundles to the Refurbished Xbox One of your choice


You can have this if you own controllers, games, power supply, and cables! that means you save on all of those items and you do not have to repurchase them, we won’t make you have to do anything you do not want to do. All you get is the lowest price possible for a fully working Xbox one system.


This is a step up from the bare bone, but comes with the power brick. you never know when your power supply is your issue, and you do not want to burn out your new Xbox One system straight out of the box… So if your system was broken and just needed a quick replacement … You can also have your Xbox One fixed with us.

Now this is where you can actually just borrow a game from a friend and start playing right away! You do not need anything else but a game if you purchase this.

Bundled (Cords+Controllers)

You know what, We understand.. you just want a straight out of the box, plug and play experience. Where you can just plug everything in have the controllers, and cables ready to get everything connected! Yes this will be the cheapest bundle you will find online! All you need are the games!


Is TDR the Cheapest place online to buy an Xbox One system?

We think that is a yes! Since we repair the systems to working condition and we warranty them for 60 days, we are possible the most bang for the buck. we give warranty and our quality of service is beyond any others. Yes expect your refurbished system to last as long a brand new one. We have made the repairs simple and therefore made them cheaper, we do so many repairs a day that we can definitely pass the savings on to you.


You can try to look for the Xbox one at GameStop, Or Walmart, Or Kmart, Or Khols, Or Amazon Or many other big name brands, But you will not find it cheaper any where else but here!


Does the Xbox One support the use of apps?

Of Course, The system is full of applications on the Microsoft Xbox one Store, You can download Netflix, Facebook, twitter, and many many more Apps.


Xbox One Specs:

Backwards compatibility to Xbox 360 – List of games

Full HDMI 1080i output

SPDIF for full surround sound

Media input through HDMI IN port

Can have a choice or regular or Elite Controller.


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