PS4 FAT/SLIM No Controller Sync (Bluetooth Chip) Repair Service

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This issue arises from a bad Bluetooth chip.  the burned chip is removed from the motherboard, and a new chip is soldered on . We clean assemble, test and ship upon successful payment.

It is unknown why this sort of issue occurs as this piece is low voltage however wifi/bluetooth chips are known to fail on most electronics.

How to troubleshoot Bluetooth issue:

  1. turn off system. press and hold power button for second beep until safe mode.
  2. hard wire the USB controller . it should work in safe mode  with wire.

if it doesn’t work with a wire, then you have a SB problem! different root cause.

For more information visit the PS4 Repair page.

1 review for PS4 FAT/SLIM No Controller Sync (Bluetooth Chip) Repair Service

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