PlayStation 5 White Light Of Death Repair (PS5 WLOD)

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This is rather more complicated and requires motherboard rework. Usually the filter, caps, HDMI chip or other SMD components fail and we replace them. This repair service covers no signal not due to HDMI port.

2 reviews for PlayStation 5 White Light Of Death Repair (PS5 WLOD)

  1. JESSICA Blaylock (verified owner)

    Thank you for fixing our Playstation 5 it is working great now

  2. Jacob W. (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with needing PlayStation repairs. I couldn’t find anyone in my area that would touch the machines. I got turned on to TDR by word of mouth. These guys nailed it! Fixed my ps5 and my ps4 in a timely fashion and with excellent customer service. From this point forward, TDR are my go to with any electronic issues I have. Thank you again!

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