PlayStation 5 (PS5) HDMI Port Replacement Repair Ticket

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Purchase this ticket only if you were instructed to do so. Please do not buy this repair ticket if you have not yet been told to purchase.

If you have not been told to purchase this ticket and purchase it anyways, we will do our best to get you accommodated, however we do not guarantee the outcome!


This repair ticket is for the price of a full console sent in PS5 for an HDMI port to be removed and replaced.  We replace the HDMI port with original factory PS5 HDMI 2.1 compatible ports. All port replacements come with a 60 day warranty and a 2 year guarantee.  Our ports are better than Sony’s. Please review our viral videos on social media and decide for yourself.

PlayStation 5 systems are breaking the HDMI fast. due to how bulky and unstable the weight of this system is. If you stand it up right chances will be that you will break your HDMI cable. the pins or connections on the inside, the golden pieces, those get damaged easily as they are very fragile.


Upon successful repair of your HDMI port we ask you to purchase this repair ticket.

27 reviews for PlayStation 5 (PS5) HDMI Port Replacement Repair Ticket

  1. Justin Ying (verified owner)

  2. Kervens B. (verified owner)

    Thanks guys u did great job on my ps5

  3. Dwaine (verified owner)

  4. Dylan (verified owner)

  5. Anthony (verified owner)

    You guys are the best !!

  6. Kevin Donnell (verified owner)

  7. Darius Dorsey (verified owner)

    Great customer service

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Jacob W. (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast with great service. The repair is better than the original. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great job from them

  12. Tamir B. (verified owner)

    Amazing!!!!! Works like new.

  13. Daniel Jones (verified owner)

  14. Clarence Chester (verified owner)

  15. Leo A. (verified owner)

    My console works now! Thank you TDR even after we were told by a different company that the console was not repairable.

  16. Daniel (verified owner)

  17. Shannon B. (verified owner)

    Very Quick turnaround time!

  18. Voltaire V. (verified owner)

    TDR was patient, kind and efficient with handling this repair! I look forward to their services down the line when I encounter any more issues! Thank you again!

  19. Sean Kelley (verified owner)

    Son’s HDMI on PS5 went out so he contacted PlayStation to get it fixed. After I told him about TDR we decided to go this route instead of through PS. Less than a week the PS5 was shipped, fixed and now back on its way to my son. The same day I was notified that the PS5 was fixed, PlayStation notified me letting me know a box was on its way for me to ship it to them 🤣. Yeah, TDR does great work and gets your system back to you faster than anyone! If you need any proof of work just check out the videos on their TikTok!

  20. Imtiaz Hossain (verified owner)

    Ps5 is working great now

  21. Marvin Croasdaile (verified owner)

    They did a remarkable job. Quick and efficient. My PS5 was saved by TDR.

  22. Theodore (verified owner)

    I thank the technician(s) at TDR.. They fixed the hdmi port on my PS5,
    My PS5 is working well and is in great condition. They responded to all of my emails. The service was rapid between the time they received my system and the time they mailed it back to me fixed.

  23. ashley p. (verified owner)

    I was told by Sony and ubreakifix that my system had water damage but i didn’t believe that because i didn’t spill nor drop any liquid on the system. As soon they received the console tey told me they fixed it. I was shocked how fast they fixed it. Once I got it back from tdr i was pleased and happy they were able to fixed it. The console is very rare to get a replacement and shame on Sony they couldn’t fix the system but they could

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Good! Fixed my PS5 when no one else could!

  25. James M. (verified owner)

    Very efficient and knowledgeable!!!! DO NOT trust your machine with a company that sells mobile phone cases and replaces screens. TRUST these professionals to handle your gaming system.

  26. Joshua D. (verified owner)

    They fixed my hdmi port which was my main concern but I also paid for a USB port to be fixed and the port physically was fixed but the port doesn’t work with any usb items so I feel like I paid a extra $39 for nothing but other than that I am satisfied with my experience

  27. Arrin George (verified owner)

    TDR definitely did a great job repairing my PS5 HDMI port they answered all my emails and questions and everything went smoothly

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