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This repair ticket is for the price of a full console sent in PS5 for an HDMI port to be removed and replaced.  We replace the HDMI port with original factory PS5 HDMI 2.1 compatible ports. All port replacements come with a 60 day warranty and a 2 year guarantee.  Our ports are better than Sony’s. Please review our viral videos on social media and decide for yourself.

PlayStation 5 systems are breaking the HDMI fast. due to how bulky and unstable the weight of this system is. If you stand it up right chances will be that you will break your HDMI cable. the pins or connections on the inside, the golden pieces, those get damaged easily as they are very fragile.


Upon successful repair of your HDMI port we ask you to purchase this repair ticket.


Purchase this ticket only if you were instructed to do so. Please do not buy this repair ticket if you have not yet been told to purchase.

If you have not been told to purchase this ticket and purchase it anyways, we will do our best to get you accommodated, however we do not guarantee the outcome!


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  1. Thank god bro everything else was so expensive

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  3. Amazing communication

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  4. Affordable, contactless, fast, reliable service.

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  5. My ps5 is working now. They just forgot to clean my device but it’s all good. It’s hard to find someone that actually knows how to fix this consoles

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    • Hey thanks for choosing TDR!! We do clean all systems and yours was cleaned as well. We vacuum it dust it, However it is not “power washed”. We do not Wipe it down with any chemicals or materials. so there will be residual particulates of dust.
      The cleanings are for functional purposes not esthetics. (not looks)
      Thanks for understanding 🙂

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