Motherboard LGA 1151 Socket Replacement Service

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Our Motherboard rework is par to non. This is a replacement service for the LGA 1151 Socket. It is purely a physical replacement using BGA reworking techniques. We work on the motherboard along. so please remove all plastics, accessories and peripherals from the board prior to shipping.

We do not electronically power up any motherboard.

3 reviews for Motherboard LGA 1151 Socket Replacement Service

  1. omar bello (verified owner)

    Personally, they treated me very well, they were very good people, they were sincere so much with the time that it was going to be delayed and they helped me a lot because I have little experience with e-mail, passwords, and some things they helped me a lot.

  2. Todd (verified owner)

    I am yet to try and turn the repaired motherboard on, but the repair looks professional. The whole process was a little slow. Communication with the company was always a little unusual as they preferred emails instead of a live chat/phone call. I’m waiting for another repair on another motherboard, so hopefully that will go very well.

  3. Mamoru Fujii (verified owner)

    The motherboard does not work and asking how to procced next step.

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