PS4 VR Processor Unit (Refurbished)



here we are again at TDR offering an insane deal on the PSVR processor unit! We refurbish these units, most of them have experienced power surges and burnt components are replaced so, there is no worries about what you are about to buy.


Do you need anything else to play VR?

Yes, please note that the VR systems need an entire PS4 system, also you will need a PS4 VR headset then you are all set.


How cheap is this PS4VR processor unit?

Really cheap. a brand new PSVR processor unit can cost you up to $199..


PSVR Processor Specs:

3x HDMI ports: 2x OUT, 1 x IN

4K processor displaying 1920 × 1080 on each eye

TDR Refurbished


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